About Us

Fortrust Limited is an Information Security Advisory & Consultancy founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of NTC Ltd an Information Technology Group. Operating out of Middle East & UK we have been helping individuals and organizations internationally guard themselves against information security threats and to manage technology risks.

Our mission is to “facilitate the growth of the information age by supporting individuals and organizations manage information security risks.”

With so much rapid development from electronic banking to social media, users are open to exploitation from e-crime to privacy invasion. Due to new technology and brisk societal adoption there is widespread ignorance of information security and related safety measures. So unintentionally users are exposing themselves to ever increasing security risks due to new technological innovation and user behavior.

People are familiar with physical security countermeasures like locks, alarms and best practice but rather uninformed of their electronic counterparts. Ultimately there has to be a shift in perception and habits to adopt this new information age revolution safely.

At Fortrust we pursue our mission through educating our customers with the latest advice on information security best practice along with innovative technical security solutions.

We believe for too long information security has been targeted to a technical audience. Currently technical authorities provide valuable advice and solutions. But there is still mass unawareness of best security practice and increasing crime exploiting this ignorance against individuals and organization by new breed of e-criminals.

So Fortrust is here to close this gap and assist in the safe evolution of the information era.  

 Our clients include:


• British Airways

• Saudi Aramco

• Ministry of Water & Electricity


• SAMA & National Bank Network 

• AwalNet

• Save the Children


• John Deere

• A
merican Power