Frequently Asked Questions

Fortrust iProtect

What software do I need to use iProtect?
Fortrust iProtect runs on any Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system. You need Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or newer version installed on the machine too.

What are the systems requirements?
There are no special hardware systems requirements other then those recommended by Microsoft to use Windows or Office 2003 Excel. So you will not usually need to invest in any other hardware, saving money.

Do I need product training to carry out assessment?
As long as you can use Windows operation system and are familiar with Internet browsers and basic functions of Microsoft Office suite you should not need any additional training to use Fortrust iProtect application. We have especially designed Fortrust iProtect to be simple to use and require no additional investment in Training. It will help to have a basic understanding of Information Security, Information Technology and the assessment organization business processes.

How is iProtect different to other products on the market?

The key differences of Fortrust iProtect are as followed:

  • It is has a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use.

  • It is has a very logical workflow making assessments easy and swift to perform.

  • It lets you customize the assessment per security domain/module making assessment fit your organization rather then the organization fit the assessment. 

    It shows you results instantaneously hence no need to complete every module before displaying results.

  • It is based on an International Security Standard, ISO27002. This provides a good benchmark and reference point.

  • Along with assessment it provides practical education as you get familiar with an international security standard.

  • Re-assessment is very simple. 

  • It gives you the “Big picture” and “bird’s eye-view” of your organizational information security level.

How long will a security assessment take?
This depends on many factors like the business sector, organization size, scope of the assessment, Information security maturity of the organization and the size of the assessment/audit team. We have known organization to take from 1 week to 6 months to complete an assessment.

How often do I need to do a security assessment?
Once again this will depend on the scope of the assessment, the nature of your industry and environment. We recommend bi-annual organizational assessments as a standard.

How do I receive the software key?
Once you purchase and download Fortrust iProtect you need to follow the instruction provided in the Readme document. You need to run Fortrust iProtect and then send us your Computer ID. We shall then email you your registration key. In between this period the software will be fully working.

Can I use the software on many machines?
Fortrust iProtect is designed to be used on a single machine by one user at any one time. If your assessment team has more personnel you need to purchase a license per additional assessment user/computer.

Does Fortrust iProtect carry out any networking probing?
No, there is no probing of any networks or computers. Fortrust iProtect is a standalone application which is questionnaire based.

Can my whole team use the software?
Yes, but you need a separate license for each machine you wish to use Fortrust iProtect on.

Can I place Fortrust iProtect on a network share?
No, as the license only permits it to be used on a single machine and one user at a time. You need additional licenses per machine/user.

Fortrust Security Policy Template

What are the systems requirements to use the Security Policy Template?
Fortrust iProtect runs on any Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system. You need Microsoft Office Word 2003 or newer version installed on the machine too.

Can I edit the Security Policy Template?
Yes, it is fully editable as a word document. So you can customize the security policies to suit your organization.

Does the Security Policy Template cover all areas of my organization?
The security policy has been designed to cover all the major areas of an organization and information technology. Depending on your organizational activity you might need to add additional policies.

Do the policies follow any particular security standard?
Yes, the policies follow ISO27001 International security standard. You can use the standard as a further reference.

Can I add more policies to the template?
Yes, you can add or delete policies to suit your organization. But we do advise that you carry out a risk assessment prior to deleting policies.

Do I need to review the security policies periodically?
It is advisable to review your security policies annually to reflect any organizational changes. Also the process of reviewing provides the benefit of increasing awareness of the policies. Fortrust Information Security Policy comes with a section on guidelines for reviewing the policies & best practices.