Information Security risks, vulnerabilities & cyber crimes are increasing by 45%, ranging from hacking, phishing to identity fraud according to recent survey by KPMG.

In the BERR 2008 Information Security Breaches Report the average cost of a security breach for a small organization was £15,000 & a large organisation £130,000.

Fortrust Limited is an Information Security Management Consultancy founded in 2004. We have been assisting organizations internationally protect themselves against information security threats and to manage their risks.

At Fortrust we assist our customers through  our Consultancy Services along with innovative tools like Fortrust iProtect and  Security Policy Template.

By engaging with Fortrust you can 

  • Ascertain your current information security management level & create a baseline
  • Identify your current information security systems strengths & areas of improvement
  • Understand the key Information Security related threats, vulnerabilities and risks you face
  • Determine the optimum information security budget for your organization

  • Spend your information security budget to gain maximum protection & ROI

  • Increase awareness of information security in your organization

  • Manage & mitigate information security risks more effectively

  • Develop an information security management system based on international best practices ISO27001 with compliance to PCI DSS

  • Get a independent domain expert third party review of your information security process
  • Enroll additional support to complement your current information security management initiatives

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