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From: Al Qureshi
Fortrust's Founder
July 2009

Dear Reader,

Security risks are continuously increasing ranging from hacking, phishing to identity fraud. Cyber crime stats are rising, for example according to recent survey by KPMG the total number of incidences has increased by 45%! On top of that the cost of security breaches is increasing too. *In the BERR 2008 Information Security Breaches Report the average cost of a security breach for a large organization is £130,000. This number increases with the size of the organization so for big corporate’s the average cost of a security breach is £1,500,000+! These are real figures and you cannot afford to ignore them. It can permanently damage your organization and your business prospects too.

Security Incidence Dollar Amount Losses by Type

Safeguarding your organization, department or application is a major challenge today. Do you know what the biggest mistake managers and staff make regards to information security? They think it is the exclusive responsibility of IT staff and Security Officer. Having worked with many global organizations internationally, IT Staff are just custodians at best of the data. It is the business users and department managers who are owners and responsible for safeguarding their data! This includes files, records, and related systems. So relying on IT alone is like sticking your head in the sand! You are responsible for your information and the information of your customers.

Saying that all too often the theory does not match the practice. The security responsibility is relegated to IT and Security Professionals! To make matters worse IT & Security professionals have so many others tasks competing for their daily attention at work. In your job you are rewarded on meeting your targets and on producing results. With time being so scarce and precious you need a quick and simple way to ascertain your risk exposure.

With so many threats out there spanning people, process & technology where do you begin?

What do you benchmark your information security against? How do you obtain a “bird’s eye view” of your security level? Many of you are put off by the task because you feel overwhelmed. You feel you don’t know enough about information security or can’t keep up with all the new threats. You don’t have the time to develop a repeatable assessment methodology. So you hope there are no breaches. But colleagues let me tell you hope is not a strategy! The statistics are against you. The problem is not going to disappear by itself.

May be you have deployed anti virus software, firewalls and have a security policy. But when asked if it is enough can you truly answer positively with confidence? Do all your current security products protect you adequately? Ignorance is not bliss in this matter. What are your security weaknesses? Where are your strengths? What should you spend your limited security budget on to give you the maximum protection?

You need to take action now before you lose control and are compromised. The fact that you are reading this proves that you are on the right track. My mission is to help you to resolve this challenge. To help you protect your information security assets in a practical way. You don’t need to be a security guru, hire expensive consultants and spend months developing an effective methodology and tool. Let us show you a more cost and time effective solution.


It has taken over 10 years experience and qualification like CISSP, CISA & MCSE to come up with this solution…

It has taken over a decade of consulting with international and local organizations to develop this solution at Fortrust. On top of that our Consultants studying and sitting a whole load of information security qualifications like CISSP, CISA, and Diploma in Risk Management. Then the experience and technology based qualifications from Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco and IBM-ISS. Reading 100’s of articles, books and attending security conferences internationally.

It has taken all of this plus countless hours working with individuals like you to realize that something was wrong. Yes there are tools and companies helping organizations secure themselves. But an end user tool that is easy for non technical product vendor experts to use in order obtain an overview of their security level was the missing link!

We were working with an international Airline. They had asked us to help them measure the information security level of their various business units.

We spent days discussing how we should go about doing this. It is at this stage we realized that even with their huge information security budget and team they were in the dark! It reminded us of the many other clients we had worked for who had been in a similar situation. They were not unique. This was a repeatable pattern worldwide!

The security professionals and business users where so busy and usually overwhelmed with projects and tasks. They did not have the time to research and develop a methodology and process themselves. Yet they were worried being ignorant of their security level and risk!

What we had started to do for our clients was to create a customizable methodology based on international security standards which they could adapt for their organizations. It worked so well that we decided it was time we developed a tool which individuals could use themselves.

The tool had to be easy to use with minimal training. A tool that business and security professionals could use themselves to carry out fast and reliable security assessments.

This security assessment tool made our life so easy and relieved the frustration of developing new methodologies and processes for our clients. We have shared the tool with industry experts and they told us that it provided serious value. It was easy to use and helped them discover their security level and risk.

We started receiving positive feedback from business users like:

"I’m not a security professional but it is so easy to use. I’ve completed a security assessment for my department in a day."

"Does the tool provide value? Yes, for sure. Straight up, its value is centered on giving someone a repeatable method, based on a recognized security standard. To quantify compliance, provide a means to score it - the tool excels at this."

This is when it hit me!

Once we realized how much value our security tool was providing, we had to make it available to the public at large. Not only did it have to be easy to use but also easy to obtain. It had to be available to download for professional users. So that they could start using it straight away.

There was no need for IT and Security professionals to take unnecessary security risks any longer.

So now you can benefit from all of our experience at Fortrust. Years of carrying out security assessments, research and certifications. We have packaged all this up into FORTRUST iProtect. The easy and swift software tool to carry out security assessments for business users, IT and Security professionals.

So now you can carry out Security Assessments like a Pro in no time!

Fortrust iProtect will help you carry out an effective security audits quickly. It covers security threats comprehensively including threats related to people, process and technology. It will assist you to review your business against 12 crucial Security Domains with over 144 Best Practice Security Controls. It lets you select the controls that are applicable to your business and job function so the assessment is fully tailored to your needs.

So no more stressful days trying to figure out your security risk exposure. You can simply download Fortrust iProtect and find out what weaknesses you need to address today!

 So now you can carry out a Security Audits which will:

  • Give you peace of mind and confidence about your security defenses. Fortrust iProtect will you give you a score of all relevant security controls in your organization.

  • Save you money by assisting you to invest wisely in security products and services that will make a real difference.

  • Provide you confidence knowing your audit process is based on professional methodology which has been used on numerous organizations internationally and best practice ISO 27002 information security standard.

  • Be easy to use requiring no prior training. You don’t need to go on a lengthy and expensive security vendor course to carry out an assessment and use Fortrust iProtect. The tool is developed on Microsoft platform so it is familiar and intuitive to use. You can navigate the tool simply as a website. Assessment criteria are simply scored by drag and clicking appropriate boxes. Instructions clearly show you how to use the tool and carry out an assessment.

  • Save you money, time and effort by using a ready made professional tool as opposed to creating your own methodology and tool. Fortrust iProtect has taken us years of experience carrying out security assessments and developing processes. Then we have spent months developing the tool into an easy to use software application.

  • Save time & money by conducting your own security assessment – On average a 10 day external assessment will cost you in excess of £10,000. Not to mention the time it would take to approve and manage an external assessment!

  • Help you manage your security risks by developing a baseline to monitor the information security level. All your results are displayed graphically and in a tabular format with dates of the assessment.

  • Increase the confidence of your internal and external customers. By showing them that you take information security seriously and are following an international security standard.
    Become knowledgeable and familiar with leading international security standard ISO 27002. By using this tool you will automatically improve your knowledge of security best practice. Fortrust iProtect uses the ISO27002 standard as a benchmark. Also there is a section explaining and educating you on important information security terms and definitions.

  • Assist you to obtain ISO27002 certification. Fortrust iProtect is an excellent tool to assist you to measure your compliance against ISO27002 and help you prepare for certification if you so wish. Develop new information security skills improving your career prospects. After carrying out your first security assessment you will not only develop your skills, but also your knowledge and understanding of your organization and related security risks.

  • Increase your value at work; accelerate your promotion and remuneration. You will demonstrate to your colleagues extra skills and ability to manage information security risks in addition to your daily duties. It is available immediately for use – You simply need to click, download and start your security assessment.


Click to download.

The $8 billion Cyber Crime Spree is Growing according to State of play Survey. Rising unemployment and foreclosures are like Petri dish culture for recession-oriented Net scams. Social networking also leaves unaware online users open to attack. With all this you have to take action! 73% of organizations believe they are vulnerable to hacking according to Fortify.

The survey also confirms that the economic downturn is having an impact on organizations’ security with 23% percent reporting an increase in hacking attempts since the economy went into freefall.

26% percent have been victim to at least one instance of hacking in the last twelve months!

Fortrust iProtect will show you areas of exposure to threats related to:

  • Risk Management in context to your organization’s overall business activities and risks it faces.

  • Security Policy to provide management direction and support to information security

  • Organization of Information Security so that you can manage & control information security in your organization.

  • Asset Management in order for you to achieve and maintain appropriate protection of valuable organizational assets.

  • Human Resource Security to ensure that employees, contractors and third party users understand their responsibilities, and are suitable for the roles they are considered for, and to reduce the risk of theft, fraud or misuse of facilities.

  • Physical & Environmental Security to prevent unauthorized physical access, damage, and interference to your organization’s premises and information.

  • Communication & Operations Management to ensure the correct and secure operation of your information processing facilities.

  • Access Control so you can control access to confidential information.

  • Information System Acquisition, Development & Maintenance to ensure that security is an integral part of your information systems.

  • Information Security Incidence Management to ensure information security events and weaknesses associated with information systems are communicated in a manner allowing timely corrective action to be taken.

  • Business Continuity Management to counteract interruptions to your business activities. To protect critical business processes from the effects of major failures of information systems or disasters and to ensure their timely resumption.

  • Compliance to avoid breaches of any law, statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations, and of any security requirements.

By using Fortrust iProtect you regain control of your valuable information assets and suitably protect your organization against hacks, scams and fraud.

Now if you asked my Consultants to come and carry out your security assessment you will be faced with some challenges:

  • Availability of our Consultants. We are so busy working with clients internationally there is currently over a months delay in availability.

  • Payment for our travel, hotel and miscellaneous expenses.

  • Delay in with your procurement department to authorize release of your security budget and acquisition of our services.

  • Pay our daily fee of £1,000.

Now we realize this will only prolong your exposure to security threats. And not all of you will be able to currently allocate resources for us to carry out your security assessment.

So for a limited time only we are releasing Fortrust iProtect Security Assessment Tool to the public, for download and use for only £297. All you have to do is simply click, download and start your security assessment today! It could not be simpler.

This is the same tool my professional security consultants and I use to carry out security assessments. Now it’s only a matter of days before we will have enough consultants to perform this service for all our clients. We will then seize to offer Fortrust iProtect as a stand alone product for only £297.

Thereafter a security assessment service by Fortrust consultant’s for a medium size organization (approx 150 users) will be £10,000 plus expenses. So take immediate advantage now of this limited special offer of £297 and save over £10,000!

Click to download.

Remember you don’t need any prior security qualifications or training to use Fortrust iProtect. So no more stressful days trying to figure out your security risk exposure.

Now to help you completely Transform and Manage You Information Security Program I will send you these 3 Introductory Bonus Items (a £485 value) FREE inclusive!


Bonus #1: Security Policy Template – (£150 value; included free)

As cornerstone to any good security program you need professional Security Policies. Security policies provide direction to management and all employees. A written commitment to protecting the organization’s valuable information assets.

This template will save you countless hours and money developing a security policy manual. All you need to do is download this template, review and publish.

Bonus #2: ISO27002 Blueprint – (£215 value; included free)

This graphical presentation will reveal the previously undisclosed 10 stage process to develop your information security program to meet ISO 27002 certification. Fortrust consultants use this presentation in their client workshops.
You will learn our proven methodology on how to build your information security management system based on the ISO 27002 standard.

This blueprint will show you how to easily develop your information security program to give you maximum protection against all threats.

Bonus #3: The Definitive Guide to Information Systems Security Assessment e-Book – (£120 value; included free)

This Bonus item will save you years of research. It contains 845 pages of detailed information illustrating how professionals carry out technical security assessments and Penetration Testing of IT Systems inclusive of Passwords, Routers, Firewalls, VPN, SANS, LAN/WANS, Servers, Applications and a lot more. 

This e-Book does not stop there, it contains advice on how to protect your systems from vulnerability and threats and references to further reading and websites.

Click to download now.

I’m so Confident that You will Improve Your Information Security Level using Fortrust iProtect, that I will offer a Full 1 Year Guarantee!

Take one full year to use Fortrust iProtect. That’s right. You have 365 days to put this valuable tool to work in your own organization. Or on any project you want, wherever you want.

Test the tool for yourself…Try all the features. Once you have used the tool in your organization, we are confident you’ll NEVER want to return it.

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one pound. Just return the tool and we shall refund the entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee.

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes a lot more sense to carry out a security assessment and manage your information security program following the process that is already proven to bring results…

then to get bogged down in research, spend months trying to work it out yourself, increasing the risk and exposing your organization to potential £130,000+ financial lost?

If you have decided that a simple and easy tool to carry out your security assessment – PLUS the ability to manage your security level is worth £297 – and don’t forget the value bonuses worth £485, here’s how to claim your solution:

To order Fortrust iProtect via our secure server today for only £297, along with your 3 Bonus items FREE, click her now.

When you order online your copy of Fortrust iProtect it will be available immediately for you to download, so you can start your security assessment today!

You will receive your registration information automatically – and the whole process should take less than 10 minutes.

All the Best,
Al Qureshi
Fortrust's Founder

P.S. Time is really money in this case! Taking no action today will continue to expose you to multiple threats which can result in losses of £130,000+. 26% percent have been victim to at least one instance of hacking in the last twelve months!

Can you afford to take this risk? We guarantee that you will not find an easier and swifter tool on the market that you can start using today.

With Fortrust iProtect you:

Obtain peace of mind and confidence about your security defenses.

Save money by assisting you to invest wisely in security products and services that will make a real difference.

Get going straight away. No need for training.

Save money, time and effort by using a ready made professional tool as opposed to creating your own methodology and tool.

Save money by conducting your own security assessment.

Manage your security risks by developing a baseline to monitor the information security level.

Increase the confidence of your internal and external customers.

Become knowledgeable and familiar with leading international security standard ISO 27002.

Get assistance with obtaining ISO27002 certification.

Develop new information security skills improving your career prospects.

Increase your value at work; accelerate your promotion and remuneration.

Increase your confidence knowing your assessment process is based on professional methodology, covers 12 core security areas and 144 security controls!

Remember for limited time only you get 3 Bonus items FREE worth (£485) inclusive:




Now I’m so confident that you will improve your information security level using Fortrust iProtect, that I will offer a 1 Year Guarantee!

Test the tool for yourself…Try all the features. Once you have used the tool in your organization, we are confident you’ll NEVER want to return it!

Finally take advantage of our limited special offer to secure your copy of Fortrust iProtect – Security Assessment tool for only £297.

We are currently working to increase the number of Fortrust consultant due to client demand. Once this happens we will not be able to offer Fortrust iProtect for the discounted value of £297. Currently our consultants are using Fortrust iProtect to carry out assessment for our clients for £10,000 plus expenses. Save over £10,000 today!

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