Learn How to Enhance the Security Level of Your Organization with Professionally Written Security Policies in One Hour!

Over 60% of Organizations are at RISK due to No Information Security Policies, or they have Policies that are Out of Date, and/or incorrectly articulated*.

Fundamental to any good security program is the need for comprehensive set of Information Security Policies. Security policy provide direction to management and all employees. It is a written commitment from management to protect the organization’s valuable information assets.

Security policy are high level plan that describe the goals and procedures of an organization. They will assist you to make product selection with security in mind. In addition information security policy can help you avoid lawsuits. We live in an ever increasingly litigious society. If you try to enforce policy that are not expressively written you can be sued.

"But all of the above benefits are built upon professionally written security policies and management support."

Security policy have to be worded correctly. Be all inclusive covering all the key areas and controls in your organization. They have to target people, process and technology. They need to be based on international standards such as ISO 27001 for further reference. They have to be up to date!

Now you have three options:

1. Write your own organizational Information Security policy document 

2. Obtain professionally written Information security polices which you can edit and publish 

3. Have out of date, poor or no Information security policies! Not really an option…

Developing security policy is not suitable for everyone because:

  • Writing information security polices is very time consuming & a project in its own right
  • Requires professional writing & reviewing skills with experience
  • Necessitates detailed understanding of information security & standards 
  • Security policy have to be worded correctly distinguishing them from procedures & standards to be effective

So we at Fortrust have developed a solution to save you time and rapidly deploy effective policy.

Fortrust Information Security Policy Template includes:

  • Professional drafted security polices developed by our qualified security consultants
  • Security policies based on ISO27001 for further reference 
  • Tried and tested polices. Our consultants hold CISSP, CISA & ISO27001 qualifications 
  • Fully editable (Microsoft Word format) policies that you can tailor to your specific needs
  • Covers all the key aspects of an organizations’ information work flow, 54 pages of policy
  • Reference to legal standards 
  • Corporate Security Policy Statement demonstrating management buy-in and support
  • Information Security policy covering the following areas: 

    • Acceptable use
    • Security Management & Responsibilities 
    • Enabling the flow of information 
    • Risk Management 
    • Security Awareness 
    • Confidentiality Agreements 
    • Business Continuity 
    • Equipment & Software Registers 
    • Access Control 
    • Security of Third Party Access 
    • User Access Control 
    • Housekeeping 
    • Security & Information Protection 
    • Equipment Security 
    • Incident Management 
    • Email Policy 
    • Commercial Record Security 
    • Home-working Security 
    • Legal Requirements 
    • Virus Guide 
    • Security Policy Review Guidelines

Our solution will save you countless hours struggling to develop your own information security policy manual. All you need to do is download this template, edit and publish it.

Download Table of Contents 

To help you implement the information security policies flawlessly, as part of an overall information security management system (ISMS), we will include our ISO 27002 Blueprint Presentation as a Bonus item!

Bonus Item: ISO27002 Blueprint – (£215 value; included free).

This graphical presentation will reveal the previously undisclosed 10 stage Process to develop your information security program to meet ISO 27002 certification. Fortrust consultants use this presentation in their client workshops.

You will learn our proven methodology on how to build your information security management system (ISMS) based on the ISO 27002 standard.

This blueprint will show you how to easily develop your information security program to give you maximum protection against all threats. It will show you where your Information security policies fit it to the overall ISMS.

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