Information Security Consultancy

Fortrust understands that at the heart of your business are critical business processes run by people and technology. These critical business processes are of strategic and operational importance to you and affect the performance of your business as a whole.

Fortrust focuses on suitably securing your critical business processes inclusive of the information, systems and people within these processes. Fortrust focuses on suitably protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of these critical business assets, hence linking business process protection to business strategy and performance.

Within this course of action we develop an organizational Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the ISO27001. By implementing Fortrust’s Business Process Protection framework an organization will develop an effective Information Security Management System.

Fortrust will assist you to:

  • Audit the current security state of your critical business processes and the assets within it

  • Evaluate the risks present and how to mitigate them

  • Develop an enterprise wide business process protection strategy and framework

  • Develop a company wide protection policies, guidelines and procedures

  • Manage the implementation of controls

  • Communicate and change your people’s behavior to protect your business assets suitably

The advantages we bring to you are:

  • Fortrust uniquely links the business process security initiative to your business goals and strategy, hence facilitating business performance.

  • Fortrust uses guidance and experience based on international information and IT security standards inclusive of ISO27001, PCI DSS, NIST and COBIT to develop world class best practice solutions for you.

  • Fortrust’s consultants have a strong reputation for delivering solution to secure international enterprise infrastructures globally. They will use this knowledge to deliver practical and tested security strategies and services for your organization.

  • Fortrust will provide you with measurable business results for instance, gain in customer confidence by the promotion of your security initiatives and safeguarding of your customer data.

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