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With Fortrust iProtect you:

Obtain peace of mind and confidence about your security defenses.

Save money by assisting you to invest wisely in security products and services that will make a real difference.

Get going straight away. No need for training.

Save money, time and effort by using a ready made professional tool as opposed to creating your own methodology and tool.

Save money by conducting your own security assessment.

Manage your security risks by developing a baseline to monitor the information security level.

Increase the confidence of your internal and external customers.

Become knowledgeable and familiar with leading international security standard ISO 27002.

Get assistance with obtaining ISO27001 certification.

Develop new information security skills improving your career prospects.

Increase your value at work; accelerate your promotion and remuneration.

Increase your confidence knowing your assessment process is based on professional methodology, covers 12 core security areas and 144 security controls .